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Masonry chimney crown resurface.

Do not have a fire in system 24 hours before appointment 



Extend the life of your chimney with my Masonry Chimney Crown Resurface service, which uses CrownCoat by ChimneySaver. This environmentally friendly, long-lasting waterproof crown repair solution comes with a 15-year warranty, ensuring your chimney is protected from the elements.

Why Choose CrownCoat?

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Instead of demolishing and pouring a new crown, which can be expensive, many issues can be resolved with CrownCoat. This brushable, elastomeric coating forms a flexible, waterproof membrane designed to repair and protect chimney crowns from moisture intrusion.

  • Easy Application: CrownCoat is easy to apply with a 3” or 4” paint brush. The process involves applying a thin first coat, followed by a heavier top coat, which cures in 2-4 hours.

  • Durability: CrownCoat is designed to last, with a 15-year warranty when applied by a professional. It cures naturally in above-freezing temperatures and features Freeze-Cure™ technology for accelerated curing in below-freezing conditions.


Service Highlights:

  • Initial Assessment: I will assess the condition of your chimney crown to determine the best course of action.

  • Application of CrownCoat: Using a two-coat process, I will apply CrownCoat to create a flexible, waterproof barrier that protects your chimney from the elements.

Investing in a masonry chimney crown resurface with CrownCoat is a smart, cost-effective way to protect your chimney and ensure its longevity. Trust my expertise to deliver professional, reliable service that keeps your chimney in top condition.


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