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Cleaning and inspection with video copies.

Do not have a fire in system 24 hours before inspection or cleaning!

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Ensure your fireplace, insert, or stove is thoroughly cleaned and meticulously inspected with my specialized Cleaning and Inspection with Video Copies service. This service is perfect for systems requiring both detailed cleaning and comprehensive inspection to maintain optimal performance and safety. You will receive a video copy of the video inspection.

Service Highlights:

Comprehensive Cleaning:

  • Thorough System Cleaning: Every part of your heating system, from the top of the chimney to the bottom of the firebox, is meticulously cleaned. This includes all internal and external components to ensure optimal performance and safety.

  • Cleaning Process: A drop cloth is placed in front of the system to protect your home. The cleaning is performed from the inside using special brushes and rods, with a HEPA vacuum with three filters used to prevent any mess and ensure a clean environment.

Thorough Inspection:

  • Top-to-Bottom Examination: A detailed inspection of the entire system is conducted to ensure all parts are in good condition and meet safety standards, following guidelines set by NFPA 211 and the 2018 International Residential Code (IRC).

  • Camera Inspection: Camera inspections are performed if deemed necessary to thoroughly assess hard-to-reach areas. A USB copy of the inspection video is provided. Please note that I do not keep copies of the video after the service.


Post-Service Report:

  • Detailed Findings: After the cleaning and inspection, a comprehensive report is provided, detailing the condition of your system, any issues identified, and recommendations for maintenance or repairs.

  • Professional Advice: Tips on maintaining your fireplace, insert, or stove are provided to ensure it continues to operate safely and efficiently.​


Regular cleaning and inspection are crucial for preventing potential hazards and maintaining the efficiency of your heating system. The additional video inspection service provides an extra layer of thoroughness and transparency, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your system's condition.

Trust me to deliver expert service that keeps your heating system in top condition, providing warmth and comfort to your home.


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